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HN·NC Mills overall tungsten steel cutter covers the milling, drilling, thread cutting, machining, cutting, and other forms of cutting tools, to meet the vast majority of material processing and application.
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HN·NC Mills, powerful milling cutter system, covering various types of indexable milling cutter, can be found in wet and dry and wet milling processing test efficient processing, satisfy the customer different choice.
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Fast drill
HN·NC Drilling to provide different kinds of Drilling tool system, can comprehensive coverage of all of your Drilling processing requirements, as well as the solid carbide drill bits are our standard products.
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Thread cutting tools
HN·NC turning, milling, Threading thread tools to cover the thread tapping a variety of different types such as precision, satisfy the process all the specifications of the screw thread cutting tools.
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Micro cutting tools
HN·NC Turning miniature cutting tool processing task, the start of the 2.2 mm diameter such as Turning, threading, chamfering, forming and cutting processing, also can provide all kinds of custom service.
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Boring tool
HN·NC Boring contains all inner hole and outside diameter Boring machining tool, Boring cutter, trimming Boring cutter, fine Boring cutter and composite Boring cutter, high precision, high reliability, high rigidity.
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CNC tool holder
HN·NC System to provide customers with high precision clamping, outstanding product has excellent precision, develop highly efficient milling clamping, improve the service life, reduce the processing cost.
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Oil tool handle
HN·NC oil the handle without center, NC System of machine tools, water through the handle internal institutions at the center of the outer cooling into the cold, performance excellence in advance in the drilling process.
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Tungsten steel cutter
HN·NC Mills, the overall tungsten steel cutter covers the milling, drilling, thread cutting, machining, slotting, and other forms of cutting tools, to meet the vast majority of material processing and application.
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Fixed cutter holder
HN·NC Turning stationary knife composite DIN 69880 standard, a high standard of datum plane design, can rapid correction tools and benchmark precision of the spindle, special type accept customization.
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Adjustable cutter
HN·NC Mills, multi-purpose universal chamfer cutter, can quickly adjust at various angles, meet processing application of 0-90 degrees in any Angle, special made the largest area of 20 mm cutting.
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Alloy knife grain
NASKA carbide blade grains, including turning, milling, grooving, drilling, and other fields of processing and application, material covers carbide, metal ceramics, diamond and cubic boron nitride etc.
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Spring chuck
HN·NC Chuck elastic chuck with ER standard is the most comprehensive, has a variety of standards and different precision elastic cylinder chuck, high precision lathe spindle chuck can provide different specifications of customization.
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Auxiliary accessories
HN·NC Mills, auxiliary accessories covers comprehensive processing machine, CNC commonly used all the necessary accessories a fixture, provide more diverse cutting tool management system as well as customized programs.
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Cutting tool fittings
HN·NC Provides the high quality CNC cutting tools supporting bolts, wrench, clamp and other accessories, a variety of specifications to meet all specifications of the cutting tool accessories conventional tools.
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Lathe accessories
HN·NC Turning covers the essentials for CNC numerical control lathe, for example, thimble, knife, chuck, chuck, clamp auxiliary tool of form a complete set, provide customized service.
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General tool
HN·NC At the same time providing customers with various domestic import brands such as general tool cutting tool, such as: drill, tap, milling cutter, reamer, turning tool and other products. Meet the demand of customer all processing.
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Precision measuring tool
HN·NC Provide the domestic import brands such as general measuring tool, for example: caliper, micrometer, dial indicator, inner table, ring gauge and plug gauge, gauge block, and other products.
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welding tool
HN·NC Y330 carbide has excellent wear resistance and integrated general performance, more and more applied to the milling cutter, suitable for steel, stainless steel, cast iron, hard machining titanium alloy materials, etc.
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Online mall
HN·NC In order to more efficiently provide customers with fast service, Mr Hainer company opened online shopping mall, you can through the website, taobao, alibaba order, jingdong, tencent and other channels.
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